Mobile TAN

The mobile phone replaces the TAN list

The Mobile TAN is an innovation from NOVOSEC AG, uses the processes which are well known by the customer and strongly reduces the online banking costs at the same time. Before processing the customer's order, the bank sends a TAN directly via SMS to the customer's mobile phone. By the usage of a standard mobile phone bank transactions can be conducted cheaper, faster and more convenient than ever.

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Digital Identity

Centralised Management of Security Mechanisms

In order to access different systems within a company, employees often have to use different access codes. By using a unique, digitally stored employee ID for all systems, the corresponding administration processes are extensively harmonised. This results in significant cost saving potentials, providing advantages for the company and for its employees as well. In addition, the company's security is improved.

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National ID card

Electronic ID card becomes reality in Europe

Both citizens and enterprises can secure and simplify business transactions using signature cards. Signature Acts provide the legal framework. Several countries like Estonia and Finland are issuing electronic ID cards to their citizens. Using those cards, public authorities can offer services to citizens easily as well as companies are able to use the national proof of identity for their services (analogue to the conventional passport/identity card).

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PayPal, the "new Microsoft" in the payment industry?

eBay reinforced

This document describes backgrounds and results of an expansion of the PayPal system. Both the business point of view for the direct competitors and the economic aspects like monetary policy and liquidity changes are considered.

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The new world currency?

PayPal is an online (internet) payment system that allows customers easy and fast payments via email. In contrast to other systems PayPal was able to prevail within the internet. Through the recent acquisition of PayPal by eBay PayPal's position will become even stronger. This document explains the reasons why PayPal is used and describes in detail the functionality PayPal offers its customers up to now.

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Single Sign On

The main focus is on the customer

This document points out, how one single sophisticated customer identification for all applications can both save expenses and increase the convenience for the customer.

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Access Control for Server Wallets

Separating authentication from the application

At the moment, server based wallets are going to be established as the leading architecture within the ePayment area. This document describes how server wallet management can be made more efficient and how the flexibility regarding the supported methods can be increased.

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Identification as Service

Registered customers' value

The internet is connecting people all over the world. Because of the fact that the communication partners are located in different areas it is very important to ensure the identity of the communication partner. With the announcement of several regulations (Signature Act, etc.) the legislator has provided a general framework for establishing identification as a commercial service. For the first time, a company which has registered customers and equipped them with "ID cards" can offer the identification service to other companies and institutions.

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Mobile PIN

An alternative to TAN lists

Because of the fact that the number of mobile devices is increasing rapidly the usage of mobile phones as medium for transaction release provides an alternative. Mobile PIN is a method for transaction release using mobile devices which is attractive for two very interesting groups of customers. This study shows how using a mobile PIN can provide new entry channels and increase the number of low-priced online transactions.

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Who Owns The Customer?

Banks and Telcos compete for market shares

Banks as well as telcos are in competition to identify the customer within the growing mCommerce market. Identification of customers is a core component for the introduction of high value mCommerce applications. Currently arguments pro/contra the most appropriate identification method are exchanged on a mostly technical basis. But only one standardised method will have a real chance to be established at the market since this is the only way to achieve a market penetration in a fast and cost-effective way.

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