Secure Mail

Security of email communication, being certainly the most frequently used internet service today, is becoming an increasingly important issue. The rising use of email on mobile devices means that mail data is being stored on a growing number of devices. No longer confined to intranet systems, intra-corporate mail traffic is now being synchronized over the internet. It must be understood that any unencrypted traffic can be intercepted, read, duplicated and analyzed. The consequences for an organization may range from negative PR to theft of important company and customer data, to blackmail, industrial espionage, or even sabotage.


Secure Email facilitates encryption of an organization's internal and external email com­muni­cation, using standard email clients and leveraging open standards and the power of the existing IT infrastructure. This establishes trust and security between your organi­zation and your business partners, prevents misuse, and protects sensitive data from unauthorized access. Using secure email provides integrity, confi­dentiality and authenticity of email communication.

Our solution: GlobalPKI

GlobalPKI automates your certificate lifecycle management. The product consists of the following main components:

  1. GlobalPKI Certificate Management Platform
  2. GlobalPKI Client

The GlobalPKI Certificate Management Platform is the central component. It manages the entire certificate lifecycle, requests certificates from the CA and publishes them to LDAP or Active Directory services. The GlobalPKI Client fully automates e-mail client configuration and certificate deployment procedures. By using GlobalPKI, certificates and private keys can be distributed automatically to the users' devices in a secure way, extending data protection to mobile devices as well as classic desktop PCs.

Our solution can be easily integrated into your existing IT infrastructure and is highly scalable. Moreover, GlobalPKI can also be used to distribute other certificates within your organization (such as machine authentication certificates etc.) GlobalPKI is successfully utilized by several DAX and medium-sized corporations already.