Funds Management Systems

Besides the pure funds business the service of in­vest­ment companies frequently covers the foreign ex­change and securities trading. An intelligent software support for efficient data collection, reporting and in­dex calculating is necessary for the active man­age­ment of investment funds and also for the investment decision for the special asset of a fund.

We support our customers in developing safe, high- per­for­mance and scalable service platforms that im­prove the work processes and allow the fund man­ag­ers and IT to respond flexibly and rapidly to new re­quire­ments.

Data collection and data management

An essential component of a fund management plat­form is the procurement, supply, care and ad­min­is­tra­tion of portfolio data. In this case, of central im­por­tance are the design of the database structure, the con­cep­tion and efficient implementation of different interfaces for data supply and data mining. The quality of the provided data is ensured by automated plau­si­bil­i­ty checks. A user-friendly interface for users is re­quired for the efficient and secure work to solve user's tasks like data administration and data clearing within a few mouse clicks.


The report generation is an integral component of a fund management system. For investment decisions in­ter­nal fund managers as well as institutional cus­tom­ers are dependent on reports with current key data and information, which are directly available at any time. This requires robust, scalable and efficient re­port­ing platforms.

Our employees have long-time experience in set-up, de­vel­op­ment and integration of different system com­po­nents for the optimal support of the fund man­age­ment. Our technical and industry knowledge allow the rapid and goal-oriented implementation of business re­quire­ments by leveraging it into existing system land­scapes of our customers.