Retail Banking

Banking services for private customers are very im­por­tant for the overall success of a modern bank. The focus changed from the development of a multi-chan­nel architecture to establishing channels spanning busi­ness processes. Our experts have profound knowl­edge regarding Online Banking and Call Center as well as banking in the local branches. NOVOSEC of­fers all services: Busi­ness Consulting including business and technical specifications, Software ar­chi­tec­ture and development.

To enhance the quality of service for the customer, banks have to come up with innovative concepts. Many of these concepts are based on cooperation between banks and retailers. The usage of the Shell fuel stations cashier as an operating ATM must be seen as a starting point of many new business mod­els with advantages for all participants: banks, retailer and customers. Long term experience in projects with most of the major German banks and detailed knowl­edge in designing new products makes NOVOSEC the perfect partner for your enterprise.

Self Service, ATM, Cashrecycler, Kiosk banking

Our offering includes the design and development of se­cu­ri­ty functions for ATMs (e.g. to avoid skimming at­tacks) and the design, implemen­tation and op­ti­mi­sa­tion of work flows. The costs for the operation of cash points for example might be downsized by replacing an ATM with a Cashrecycler and/or the optimization of cash in transit tours.

Banking Accounts and Card-based Products

NOVOSEC has deep knowledge regarding the design and integration of new banking and card-based prod­ucts based on the overall product portfolio of the bank. The retail segment is determined by an intensive level of automation and marginal distinctive features of prod­ucts from different banks. To reach the cus­tom­ers better than the competitors the bank has to es­tab­lish new and innovative sales channels.

Online Banking, Brokerage, Portals, Call Center

Regarding the direct sales channels, where it is not always possible to interact with a known contact per­son, the focus must be on the ease of use and com­pre­hen­si­bility of the user interface. The handling must be quick, efficient and secure. Our knowledge which is based on a long term experience within projects in most major German banks is your advantage.