As a competent Service provider NOVOSEC supports Banks and Telecommunication firms in all pha­ses of their projects. Our service offerings are directed on the one hand at Business management consultancy pro­vided by our consultants, whose detailed branch knowl­edge assure the successful leveraging of new prod­ucts and services. On the other hand, our IT con­sul­tan­cy offers services to secure vital expertise and roles in projects, whether it be completely or in part.

Business Management Consultancy

A rapidly changing Global marketplace and statutory requirements as well as technological innovations are the constant companion of product management. On the basis of strategic planning we create the en­abling solutions together, to ensure your com­pet­i­tive advantage.

Next to new products and services the most important business foci remain efficient processes and an organizational structure attuned to its business. In light of the business concerns Manageablity studies and Business model calculations are then conducted for projects. Based on market and enterprise data, Best-, Middle- and Worstcase evaluation have to be formulated when deriving opportunity and risk con­sid­er­ations for projects. Beyond this project support, NOVOSEC authors the required business and de­tailed specifications, upon which the project re­al­i­sa­tion takes place either with the internal IT or with an external Implementation partner.

Software Development

Our experienced Software developer team support you with the design, development and optimization of your business processes. In close customer di­a­logue the technical realization choices are evaluated based on business re­quire­ments. Further, we support you with competent counsel with diligent Requirements and Systems analysis surrounding the conception for technical architectures as well as the development of complex software systems. The im­ple­mentation takes place then on tried and tested platforms and in accordance with the newest Software development methods and technologies. Last but not least, our IT consultants support viable software tests and accompany the handover of applications through to their commencing operations.